It is important that you understand and observe the Rules and Regulations for the Tour of Cyprus Cycle Tour at all times. When entering the ToC you will need to confirm that you have understood the rules and will abide by them.

Participants must ride road bikes (Group A) or road/mountain/cross bikes (Group B) equipped with slick tyres suitable for long distances.No time trial or unconventional handlebars are allowed in Group ?. 

Participants must be of age 18 and over. Participants between the ages of 16-18 can participate if they are escorted by a guardian and/or a waiver of responsibility is signed by the guardian. 

Bikes should be in a technically perfect condition. Please ensure that bikes are properly serviced before the tour. It is advisable to have new tyres fitted on the bikes to reduce the possibility of punctures.

Participants should wear helmets cycling uniforms at all riding times throughout the tour.

It is recommended that participants take with them sufficient quantity of cycling clothing, rain and wind proof light jackets and an appropriate bag for the dirty clothes. Post riding and evening wear is casual. Cycling clothing will also be available on sale during the event.

Participants should familiarise themselves with the event itinerary. 

Riders must ensure that each day they are present at the course start location no later than 15 minutes before the designated start time. First day of the tour riders must be present at the start location at least 30 minutes before the start time. The event will not be delayed if a Participant fails to present him/herself at the appropriate time.

In order to avoid delays no unscheduled stops will be allowed except in emergencies. First aid and technical assistance will be provided by the support vehicles and at the predefined stop zones.

It is important to keep distances between riders as short as possible in order to maintain the highest possible level of safety and support. Marshals will make sure this is achieved. 

Riders of Group B will cycle at an average pace of 20km/hour or faster if they can. However the ones who stay far behind the rest of the group or requiring a rest will be able to catch up with using one of the support vehicles. If for reasons of safety or the smooth running of the event you are requested to take a ride in one of the support vehicles, you must comply. Alternatively you may opt to ride in your own pace as long as you do not expect the organiser to support you if you stay far behind the peloton.

Group B will start or restart after regroupings, behind the Group A every day. 

Participants may not pass the ToC leading vehicle at any time unless directed by a police officer or a marshal.

The instructions of the designated tour leader(s) and the marshals must be obeyed at all times. Failure to do so may result in discontinuing your participation from the event. The Tour Director has the ultimate decision and final word for all matters concerning the event.

Participants should obey all road traffic regulations at all times and cooperate with the traffic police, the Tour directions and marshals.

For optimum security and safety the organizers have chosen, as much as possible quite roads.

Traffic deviation/diversion may be suggested by the organizers to the police for short periods of time to avoid heavy traffic flows in certain points. 

All official supporting vehicles, press and promotion cars must drive with lights on and bear the logo of the Tour of Cyprus. Only tour official/approved vehicles can circulate in the event.

Riders must act in a sporting manner and adhere to group riding etiquette and not endanger themselves or their fellow riders.

No littering is allowed! Those who litter along the road or throw garbage into the ditches or countryside will be forced to stop and pick it up.

Participants shall behave in a manner that respects the environment.

In Cyprus, like in the UK, vehicles and bicycles drive on the left side of the road. Donít forget this!

An ambulance and a doctor will be available to for first aid support during the ride. 

Participants must ensure that they are fit for the start as well as for the whole duration of the event.

Participants must inform the organisers if they do not feel well and seek medical advice if they have any medical or health concern. 

In the event of severe or extreme weather conditions, the tour leader in consultation with the marshals may decide to interrupt the dayís course. Travel arrangements will be made to transfer all riders to the overnight stop accordingly.

Participants must wear their identification number provided at all times during riding as well as during each dayís course.

Riders bikes must also have the identification number provided, positioned and displayed as instructed at all times during the event.

Use of mobile phones by participants of while riding is not allowed. If a rider needs to make or receive a call he must stop at the side of the road to do so.

Use of a stereo headset, MP3 player or similar device whilst riding is not allowed by participants.

Bad weather will not be a reason for cancelling the whole or part of the event unless the organisers deem so for safety reasons. In such case entry fees will not be refundable.

Participants should be aware that the Event may be filmed, photographed and recorded and by accepting the rules and regulations they grant permission to the event organisers to use such images and recordings of themselves.

The event raises money for charity and participants are encouraged and expected to raise sponsorship for the chosen charities.

Entry to the Event is at the sole discretion of the Organizers.

The fees for this event are non-refundable if you decide to cancel your participation or part thereof without giving enough warning or without prior arrangement with the tour director as per relevant terms. The same applies if you are forced to withdraw from this event.

Participants acknowledge that they take part in the event entirely at their own risk and are fully aware that the Organisers accept no liability for any accidents, damages or losses, of human or material nature, that might occur during the tour.

We recommend that all riders take out appropriate travel, accident / medical insurance as the tour involves multi geography riding. The organizers do not provide for such insurance.

It is highly recommended that Cypriot as well as European Union citizens have a Health Insurance card.