Podilatokinisi is a Club created for promoting the bicycle as an alternative transportation and entertainment method as well as a tool for exercise and keeping fit and healthy. The club was founded in 1991 by people who loved bicycle and wanted to see it getting more into our lives. In a country like Cyprus, where distances are short and the weather is fine, bicycle should be part of everyday life. Our Club's first priority is therefore to bring bicycle more into peoples’ life.

 However, we also try to address issues like:

1. Air and noise pollution reduction.
2. Car Park shortage.
3. Traffic jams and congestion.
4. Oil and motor vehicle prices and maintenance costs.
5. Sustainable transport.

All the above are known problems which we are not aiming to solve, if only we could, but to bring more awareness to the public of their significance  as well as to encourage and press on the relevant authorities in listening and acting towards viable solutions.

Our club is represented in major governmental and municipal committees working towards a sustainable transport infrastructure and more particularly in improving and expanding the country’s cycle routes thus promoting further the use of bicycle in Cyprus.

Another goal of our club is to enable members to get to know Cyprus better in a sportive, fun and healthy way while at the same time exercising and keeping fit and shaped.

Our goals are promoted by organizing rides in and around towns and parks as well as longest riding excursions and cycling holidays all over Cyprus and abroad. We organize bicycle festivals like the Tour of Nicosia during the “European Mobility Week” every year and athletic competitions like the Treasure Hunt, weekend cycling festivals, cycling fiestas and other outdoor activities. Through different channels we promote and encourage cycling tourism on the island. The biggest in duration and distance event organized by our club is the “ToC”, Tour of Cyprus. This is a 4-6 days cyclosportive endurance multistage event where professional as well as amateur riders participate. Riding distance can vary from 400-700 km and as the title indicates is a cycling tour passing through a great part of Cyprus.
Podilatokinisi is supporting our fellow men in need by organizing and/or participating in several charity type of rides every year in co operation with institutions such as , The Radiomarathon, The Osteoporosis, Anti drug institutions like Kenthea and Sykana of Larnaca, The friends of Karaiskakion, The Cyprus heart Institute, various environmentally friendly organizations and many others. Last and not least Podilatokinisi is organizing cycling events together with a great number of municipalities and local communities, other sport clubs and associations as well as with the Cyprus Olympic Committee.